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Our online football shop sells the football kits、rugby jerseys and ship to around


the world. We stock the new home and away football shirts from all the leading club


and international teams including Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea,


Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, AC Milan, Inter


Milan, Juventus, Bayren Munich, PSG, Spain, Brazil, France, England, Italy,


Scotland, Netherlands, Germany and so on.


We love football and work hard to supply the largest selection of Replica Football


Shirts, Football Team Kits, Retro Football Shirts, Team Wear, Football Gifts, Football


Accessories, Football Clothesing, Training Wear and Base Layer ranges available to


buy online.

We have every major league and tournament covered, with all the latest shirts from


the FIFA World Cup, Euro Cup 2016, English Premier League, Serie A, La


Liga, Bundesliga, Scottish,Premier League, Ligue 1 and so on.

Official shirt printing is available on our full range of jerseys and as well as offering


a custom name and number service on our full range of shirts, socks and training



Shirt, socks, tracksuits, short, polo shirt, training jersey, jacket, sweater, hoody


sweater , scarves, pants, goalkeeper shirt , windbreaker , Sport Under Shirt - Just


search and you will find it at Minejerseys for your favourite team in adult, womens


and kids sizes.


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