How to get our cash coupon?


How to get our cash coupon?


1.Order Return


You can get 1% cash coupon return for your every purchase on our site! 


2.Leave a review


When your order status is Completed, you can write a review.  By doing so, you


will have a chance to get $5 Cash Coupon.


Tip:  You should Login our site and go to My Account > All Orders, then choose


your order and click Write a Review, write down your review.




3.Shoot a review video


Make a video that is over 3 minutes,upload the video to Youtube you can


get $14.99 Cash Coupon.


Tip: Login >My Account >All Order 


Choose your order, then click Video Review and write down the youtube link of


your review video. After doing this, you will have chance to get $14.99 Cash


Coupon.Over 1000 views , we will give you addition  $9.99 coupon cash.






4.Share our site


Share or introduce our site on a relevant soccer forum in your country, our website


address need to be contained in your introduction, and send us the link of your


introduction on the forum. You will get $1-10 Cash Coupon when it is








Sending Cash Coupon to you is our prior way to deal with any problems on your order


so that you can use it in your next purchase. 



6.How to use it?

If you have cash coupon in your account, then you can see it in your shopping cart.


And fill in the blank to use the cash coupon and then check out.



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